10 Things Women Should Never Say To Men

10 Things Women Should Never Say To Men

Beneath the ethics of honesty and truthfulness in the dating world, there lies a deeper truth in the form of ‘rules’. No doubt, it is important to be frank in a relationship. However, the rule is you must never blurt out anything that comes to your mind. There are certain things that should not be uttered to a guy. Below are ten things girls should never say to guys:

1. We need to talk

These four words are the most painful words ever said to any guy. The moment you blurt out these words, even if it means nothing, it will send their mind ticking fast. They assume the above sentence to be the silence before the storm.

2. When will I see you next?

If he wants to meet you, he will. You don’t have to do anything about it. If a guy is really interested in you, he will do all what it takes to see you again. Passing such a statement may make you seem desperate.

3. Don’t wear this

Any guy will hate this. No one wants to be treated like a two year old. You need not tell him what to wear. Suggestions are welcome, but keep it minimal. Don’t put it forth like a command.

4. You are just like my ex

Most guys get possessive, especially when it comes to their girl’s ex-boyfriend. So whatever you do, don’t compare him with your ex. It shows that you are still obsessing over your ex boyfriend while you are with him.

5. I cannot live without you

This is a strict ‘no-no’. Never let a guy know that you are dependent on him for everything. He may start taking you for granted.

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