4 Dressing Tips for a Blind Date

4 Dressing Tips for a Blind Date

So you are all excited to go on that blind date, but stuck on what to wear. Well, we understand your dilemma, as dressing for a blind date is way trickier than dressing for a date with a known person. A good dress complemented with good makeup sets the right mood for your date. Enlisted here are a few appropriate dressing tips for a blind date.

1. Dress to create a good first impression

We all know that first impressions mean a great deal, and it can break or set your blind date to a roaring start. Choose a color that suits you best. Wear a well fitting outfit, with a comfortable pair of footwear (just in case your date decides to take you out on a romantic stroll). Be confident about how you look as it is a turn-on for most guys.

2. Try to gather some information about your blind date

Gaining some relevant information about your date totally makes sense as it can help you dress accordingly. Ask your friend about your prospective date’s likes and dislikes, so as to tweak your dressing. For example, avoid wearing fur or leather jackets if your date is an animal activist, or simply loves animals. Dress according to current trends if your date is into fashion and trends.

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