How To Teach Young Kids Not To Swear?

Kids pick up swear words more quickly, and they enjoy using that language within their peer group. This can be done to impress their pals, and demonstrate their smartness, to vent their frustrations, out of habit or just as an act of rebelliousness. Children often use such words to attract their parents’ attention. Kids lack maturity and understanding. When they hear something that is often said at home, or at school, they do not take time to to pick up the word, and add it to their vocabulary without knowing the meaning. Whether or not your little one uses swear words right now, it’s important to have a few tricks up your sleeves in case such a thing happens in the future.

1. Stay calm

The less irritable you get, the quicker your kid will stop using swear words. Basically, kids have this tendency to do a thing especially they are advised against. So, the next time your child uses a swear word, stay calm. Show you are displeased with his/her usage of swear words. Slowly but steadily, your kid will stop uttering swear words.

2. Explain the meaning

Often, young kids have no idea what they are saying. Once they get to know the real meaning of a swear word and also that it has a wrong connotation, they begin to unlearn it. Just as kids learn in no time, same goes to their unlearning ability.

3. Keep a tab on your language

You can’t expect your child to stop swearing if you yourself use foul language. So, watch out your words. Never do the mistake of blasting in front of your kid and using bad words. Kids learn more from what they hear than from what they’re taught.

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