6 Herbal Teas You must Try for Good Health

Herbal Teas You must Try for Good Health

Herbal tea is not just for weight loss. You can have herbal tea in any season and reap its many benefits. Herbal tea is not the customary tea that we drink with milk and sugar. Herbal tea is only an infusion of exotic herbs, leaves, seeds, root or branch of some plants in hot water. Thus, herbal tea provides all benefits of the plant in an easily digestible form. As far as the nutrients, antioxidants and other beneficial compounds you can get from herbal tea are concerned, they are much more easily attainable from herbal tea than from other sources like pills or supplements. Listed below are the 6 herbal teas you must try for good health.

1. Ginger tea

Ginger tea is not only economical and easy to make, but highly beneficial as well. Add a splash of lemon juice and honey to enhance its taste. Ginger tea helps fight most infections – it helps fight common cough and cold and germs causing diseases. It also improves your digestive health and helps ward off nausea, vomiting and an upset stomach.

2. Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea helps to fight constipation, bloating and other gas related abdominal problems. If you are running a fever, peppermint tea gives you relief by heating up your body and making you sweat. It is also helpful in getting relief from muscle spasms.

3. Lemon balm tea

Lemon balm tea mainly helps in improving your mood. It has mainly therapeutic benefits and is also beneficial for children. Lemon balm helps in preventing nightmares, averting depression and improving concentration. This herbal tea can also be had cold with ice and with lemon juice and honey.

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