8 Things You should Never Say at Work

Things You should Never Say at Work

While at work, most of us are too stressed out and busy to pay attention to our basic work etiquette and behavior. We, sometimes, tend to become so professional that we become unprofessional. It is obvious that while at work you will have plenty of engagements and will not have the scope to pay attention to how you talk or how you behave. But did you know that the way you behave with your coworkers and the kind of demeanor you put up largely determines not only how people look at you as but your productivity as well? What you say and how you speak to people builds an image of yours that is directly related to your career graph – including the monetary factors like increments and incentives. Therefore, you must watch before you leap, and think before you speak. Listed here are the top 8 things you should never say at work.

1. That’s not my job

Everyone knows that it is not your job, but even then if you have been asked to do it, there ought to be a good reason for it. Not that every instance you are asked to do something out of your job description, you are being unfairly victimized. You have to see the upside of things while at work. If you say that it is not your job, one of two things can happen: either you will be told off, which you do not want to happen; or someone else will be given the job. If that someone else does it perfectly, your credibility and reliability goes down drastically. Probably you were being given the task for your capability or because you were trusted, which you did not respect and let not only your superior but yourself down too.

2. No problem

If you have done something for somebody at work and they say “Thank you” to you, you must never say “No problem”. When you say “No problem”, you invariably imply that the thanks were not worth your effort. Your statement could also be misinterpreted as you being ever ready to do it. It makes you susceptible to be taken for granted. So, if said “Thanks”, you should ideally say “You’re welcome!”

3. I’ll try

Trying is not doing. Your boss does not want you to try. He/she wants a job to be done. You are not on training – you are doing a job. When you say you will try, you show lack of confidence and low self-esteem. You may take help from someone or even seek your superiors’ advice if you get stuck anywhere, but your determination, at least in vocal, should be that you will get the job done.

4. I hate him/her

Each and every one of us who are working has the tendency to get gossipy at work. It is understood that while working with a large number of people in an organization, not everyone will turn out to be super helpful and friendly and jovial people. There will always be people who are grumpy, irritable, rude and unnecessarily finicky. You will hate them – rest assured about it. But you can never ever say that you hate them – not at work.

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