20 Cancer Personality Traits

20 Cancer Personality Traits

Those who fall under the Cancer zodiac sign are born between June 20 and July 22. These affectionate people may not open up as soon as some other signs, but they sure are amazing once you get to know them! WE give you 20 Cancer personality traits.

1. They are very loyal and care a lot for others.

2. They hide behind their shells and hold on to things which make them weak
with emotion.

3. They try to keep from expressing what is on their mind.

4. They are great parents — loving, caring and nurturing.

5. They may scold their children for the slightest of mistakes.

6. When their children grow up and take their own decisions, Cancerian parents might find it hard to accept.

7. They are wonderful lovers.

8. They are protective of their partners and make them feel loved and cared for.

9. They easily settle down post marriage.

10. They love peace, especially when they are in the comfort of their home and with their family.

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