5 Facts About Acupuncture That You Should Know

5 Facts About Acupuncture That You Should Know

“Janice, I’m off for my acupuncture session at the therapist”, yelled Yankie, 26, her roommate. “Sure. But can you please tell me what this acupuncture is all about? I’ve heard a lot about it but don’t exactly know what it is” replied Janice, getting into the car with Yankie. “Oh, it’s very interesting. It is a traditional Chinese medicine system to reduce and alleviate pain by inserting needles in the body”, replied Yankee.

Fascinated? Read on to know some more interesting facts about acupuncture you never knew before.

Fact 1: The balance of ‘Qi’

“What does this fact about acupuncture mean?”, asked Janice. “In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that all living organisms have energy called ‘Qi’ which relates to different organs in the system. An imbalance in the levels of ‘Qi’ throughout the body causes diseases”, explained Yankie. “And acupuncturists manipulate needles into specific points to restore balance the ‘Qi’ of the body?”, continued Janice. Yep, Janice sure got this fact about acupuncture totally right.

Fact 2: Acupuncture points

“Wow, you definitely freaked me out by telling me this fact about acupuncture”, exclaimed Janice. “Yes dear. Experts say that there are more than a 1000 acupuncture points on the surface of the body”, said Yankie. “I find this fact about acupuncture very fascinating. These points are said to be located on the body according to astrological position of the planets” she added.

Fact 3: An ancient therapy

“Did you know this fact about acupuncture that it is more than 5000 years old?”, asked Yankie. “Of course, many facts about the history of acupuncture still remain myths”, she added. Yankee further elaborated that acupuncture has its roots in China but it eventually spread across Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan and in other parts of Asia. Friends, we think that the more we read about it, the more facts about acupuncture we can unearth!

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