5 Gadgets You Must Own This Year

6 Gadgets You Must Own This Year

Every week, every month and every year there are new products and gadgets that are being launched in the market. Even with new updates your old gadgets may seem obsolete and you would be tempted to buy new ones. Companies and manufacturers know this well and come up with products every season and every New Year. This year is no exception as you can expect a bevy of devices to hit the market. Be it phones, cars, TV’s or household appliances, innovation has been the key and this year there are a few eye catching and wallet emptying products in the offing. Here are some gadgets you must own this year.

1. Apple pay

Expected to be launched in the autumn in other countries, apple pay is already doing good business in the country. You need not carry money and all you have to do is take the apple pay to the store and click on it when you see a product that you like. Money will be transferred to the accounts that you have connected and you can track your payments through any of your apple devices.

2. Apple watch

In a few months, apple will also launch its apple watch. Apple watch is a wearable gadget that will be connected to your apple phone and you will get notifications in it. It is to come in three styles- standard, sport and the gold edition. Although it may set you back by a few hundred dollars, this gadget is a must buy.

3. Samsung S6

The earlier Samsung S5 was high on features but it just did not give the feel of the expensive product that it was. The Samsung S6 rectifies this and along with all the great features and a few new ones, the look and feel is also expected to be great. Costing around 40 dollars with a contract the company expects to rule the market with this product. The battery time is also expected to last a while longer.

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