5 Things You Should Do To Help The Environment in the New Year

5 Things You Should Do To Help The Environment This Year

With each passing year, we are getting that much closer to bringing environmental ruin. You might be thinking that the small things you do on an everyday basis do not matter, but it is the small things that count. If everyone thinks like you, thereā€™d be too many people doing the same damaging things to the environment. It could be your New Year resolution to stop doing things that can damage the environment. Volunteering to clean up your street or lake is a noble intention but staying away from damaging the environment is also a great way to help the environment. It is our duty to help preserve out environment and leave a bit of its beauty to the future generation. Here are things that you can do to help the environment this year.

1. Stop buying exotic fruits and vegetables

They may taste good and contain a lot of nutrients but it is also true that these exotic fruits are not native to your soil. It means they are either grown in your neighborhood causing soil degradation or it has been flown in from afar. The more miles that a food has to travel to your plate, the more environmentally damaging it is. Rather than buy exotic fruits, go for fruits and vegetables that are grown locally and that are indigenous to your locality. You will be doing the environment a great favor by eating locally.

2. Try carpooling or taking the public transport

Instead of driving by yourself for miles to get to work, you can look for people who are taking similar routes. You will not only save on gas and bring down the number of vehicles on the road, but you will also help cut down on the amount of carbon dioxide emission. Carbon dioxide in copious amounts is what id destroying the ozone and each of us can do out bit to stop that. Public transport may not be all that great in all the cities but there are always ways to make it work to your advantage.

3. Cut down your use of plastic

There are recyclable plastics around, but it is still not good for the environment. Try and stop using plastic altogether. Go for aluminum or glass bottles that can be used for a long time instead of plastic, disposable bottles. Carry a bag to the market or the store instead of getting a plastic bag at the counter. Stop using cling wrap and instead put your food in containers in the fridge. Once you start doing it, trying talking to your friends into stop using plastic.

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