7 Perils of an Open Marriage

7 Perils of an Open Marriage

Couples practicing open marriage feel that such a deal is good for their relationship with each other and with the rest. You live with a person for over 6 years, have been committed, loyal and faithful but after sometime, the relationship might seem to decline and both may begin to lose interest in each other. Then the concept of open marriage is like a welcome shower to those couples but little do they realize the perils of practicing it. How does such a practice turn disastrous in a relationship or to self?

1. Deliberate act of infidelity

Any marriage is based on faith and loyalty. But an open marriage is a deliberate act of acting unfaithful. Indulging in extra-marital relationships with the willful consent of your partner serves as betrayal and the very purpose of building such an institution is unnecessary.

2. Poor influence on children

If the relationship has resulted in children, then straying parents are a bad influence on the children. Kids of any age find it disturbing that their parents are no longer committed to the family and feel both or either mother or father does not belong to them anymore. It hurts them emotionally and destroys their developing personality.

3. Common reason

Most times, straying couples cite sexual relationship as the most common reason for indulging in an open marriage. Not only is the reason baseless and flimsy but also difficult to confine since a physical relationship might lead to emotional bonding as well. Then, it becomes tough to stay committed to both or more partners/families.

4. A lot of baggage

Both your primary family and your extra-marital relationship(s) can prove burdensome after sometime. It might be difficult to help and support both or multiple people every time when you also have your career to take care of. Your multiple partners are likely to go through grueling situations such as career change, illness, family problems or other troubled times. It could be particularly draining for you to extend support to all of them besides handling your own set of problems.

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