7 Fun Easter Party Games

Fun Easter Party Games

The most exciting part of an Easter party is games. Easter games are engaging and they add to the overall spirit of the Easter cheer. In fact, kids just love to play Easter games at Easter parties with some chocolates to relish. Listed below are some fun Easter party games, read on.

1. Egg matching game

Plastic eggs would be ideal for this game. Get some plastic eggs in pairs. Now, fill the eggs with candies, cookies and jelly beans. Also, fill some with coins for sound. Two eggs should be similar. Now, split all the eggs and let everyone guess the contents of the eggs by shaking. Give three chances, if someone is right, he/she would be the winner of the game.

2. Egg hunt game

This is not the traditional egg hunt game, but somewhat similar. Place eggs at different places in your home. Now, write a riddle or a clue for the place of the eggs. Divide teams in groups and tell them to search for the missing eggs with the help of clues. Whoever finds the egg, would win the game. Kids enjoy this game more than adults.

3. Egg relay race

This game can be played in a garden or your lawn. Everyone including kids have to balance a egg on the spoon and run a relay race. Keep different options in eggs so that everyone enjoys the race. The team that reaches the border line is the clear winner of this relay Easter run.

4. Egg in the bin

This is another interesting game for kids. Place a colored bin or a tub in the room. Now, give plastic eggs to children or anyone who is playing the game. The idea is to throw plastic eggs into the right colored bins. Anyone who throws maximum eggs in the bin would be the winner of this fun Easter game.

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