5 Easter Party Food Ideas

Easter Party Food Ideas

Have you decided on your food menu for Easter party at your place? Traditional Easter recipes are still a popular choice, but how about a change this time? Plan a menu which would bring a smile on everyone’s face at the Easter party. If you are out of ideas, then here are some new party food ideas for you, read on.

1. Cookie pizza

This Easter surprise your guests with the delicious cookie pizza. Cut the basic cookie dough and line it on the pizza pan with foil. Grease it well before placing the crust, bake till it forms a crust or is brown in color. Sprinkle marshmallows all over the base and bake it for about two three minutes, till the puff. Now, remove it from the base and decorate the pizza with yummy sugar candies and spring colored jelly beans. The kids will love this surprise!

2. Corn with herbs

A side dish complements the main dish at the Easter party. Corn is a food which is not only yummy but is well liked by everyone. In a pan, add corn in the required quantity. Now, add some salted butter and stir it well. Let the corn cook for about five to ten minutes. Now, add fresh chopped thyme and parsley. Once this is done, add some chives to enhance the taste of this side dish. A perfect side dish for your Easter party!

3. Green bean casserole

Green bean casserole is a perfect choice for your Easter party. It’s quick to make and it has the goodness of green veggies as well. In a glass bowl, add the green beans drained and dried. Now, add mushroom or white cream soup of your choice. Finally, add some fried onions French styled and let it bake for about twenty five minutes. Once you remove it, add more French styled onions on the top. Ideal dish for some party fun!

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