Why Friendships End

Why Friendships End

Friendships end and friends move on with life. But, it’s a tough phase to go through. Being with friends give you lots of moments to cherish with time. Do you know why good friendship ends with time? Well, there may be some reasons behind this. Read on to know that why friendships end.

1. Betrayal

This could be the number one reason why good friendship ends with time. If your friend betrays you for no reason, then it is hard to continue with that friend. The reason for betrayal could be anything. From disclosing secrets in life to back stabbing a good friend! But, this friendship does not really survive with time.

2. No support from a friend

Friendship is all about unconditional love and support in life. But, if there is no support from your friend’s side, then you would not feel good. It should be a two sided thing. If you support your friend in the difficult time and in crisis, then your friend should also do the same. If the support is missing from her end, then this friendship won’t really survive with time.

3. Jealousy

There is no place for the emotion of jealousy in friendship. Friends are never jealous of each other; in fact they are always happy for each other. If your friend is jealous of your achievement or anything that you do, then there is no meaning to this friendship. Jealousy can ruin any relationship in life, if it happens in friendship, then this is really sad.

4. Things to argue

What is the meaning of friendship when two friends keep arguing without reason? Friendship means that comfort level you share in life. There should be a compatibility of sorts with a friend. If there are arguments, then the friendship will end for sure. If you also argue with your friend, then you must stop that. Be good to your friend and make memories.

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