7 Open Relationship Problems You May Face

7 Open Relationship Problems You May Face

Open relationships are complicated and often face many hurdles that are difficult to conquer. If you are planning to enter into an open relationship, you must know about the problems that you are likely to face.

1. Jealousy

Jealousy is the biggest problem that couples face in an open relationship. No matter how hard you try to control your jealousy, it is a basic feeling that is hard to ignore. You are bound to feel jealous about your partner having feelings for someone else. Managing an open relationship may sound easy but it is very difficult to do so in real life because jealousy is hard to overcome.

2. Lack of privacy in many aspects of personal life

In any couple, two partners are bound to discuss all aspects of their life and their daily interactions with other people. Subsequently, your partner in an open relationship is bound to discuss things about you with his or her partner. This will remove any form of privacy between you and the people your partner sees. This can turn into a major problem if you don’t like other people knowing all the details about your personal life.

3. Insecurity

No matter how much two partners in an open relationship trust each other, there will always be a level of insecurity between them. One partner may doubt that the other partner could be betraying his or her trust with others. This can create a mood of suspicion and doubt in the minds of both partners. They may find it hard to sustain their open relationship if they continue to doubt each other at every step.

4. Problem of drawing boundaries

Boundaries in an open relationship are blur. It is difficult to draw a line between right and wrong. This creates many problems which can even lead to arguments. No matter how hard a couple in an open relationship try, conflicts always arise when it comes to setting boundaries for behavior and interaction with other partners.

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