6 Free Things to Do in Los Angeles

6 Free Things to Do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the land of Hollywood and the stars. It is one of the most expensive cities to live in and visit, but there are also a lot of places you can go to for free. They are not any less interesting just because they are free. Los Angeles is a huge city, so do not get put off by people who tell you that you need a car to go places. The city has a good metro system and is also connected by bus that helps you get around to many places without having to get on a tour or pay for a taxi.

1. The Hollywood sign

It is the most famous landmark in California and it is free. You just drive up the Hollywood hill and the sign is there for all to see. Although you can’t get too close to the sign, there are strategic spots where you can get a good angle for your very touristy shots.

2. The Walk of Fame

It is absolutely free and super fun. Walk along the sidewalks of Vine Street and Hollywood Boulevard, find the star of your favorite Hollywood actor and take pictures. Just look out for the crowd.

3. Venice Beach

An absolute delight to take a stroll or just relax on the sand. The walkway is filled with street performers and stalls that sell quirky and original stuff. The skaters also add to the general atmosphere of fun.

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