5 Advantages of Being Old

5 Advantages of Being Old

Getting old does not only come with diseases and weakness, there are plenty of advantages that come with it as well. Being old has a lot of perks and even when someone does not deserve them, these do come whenever youth eludes. Listed below are 5 such advantages of being old, which appear to be very unfair for those who are not old!

1. Greater discounts

Be it income tax or air tickets, discounts and concessions are a part and parcel of your life when you grow old. You will be looked at with consideration even when you go out to buy stuff from the market. The shopkeeper will mostly give you a discount if you insist.

2. More experience

You will have more experience and wisdom with which you can at least give advice to people, if nothing else. With more experience comes a better sense of judgment and the ability to clearly distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Thus, the choices and the decisions that you will now make will most likely be the best because you are now guided by your own experiences. This will also help you in advising your children and grandchildren as to what decisions they should take.

3. Plenty of free time

Another advantage of being old is that now you will have plenty of free time. Other than sleeping and eating, you will have a lot of time to kill when you will wonder what to do! Now whatever you do, you will have nothing to hurry. No one will push you to be on time and you will have lots of time to sleep without worrying about next day’s work. You can spend all your day on your hobbies and still will have time.

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