5 Facts About Feminism You may not have been Aware Of

 Facts About Feminism You may not have been Aware Of

Feminism and debates about women and their rights have come to the fore once again with the recent case in California where a college student shot down women and other passerby’s because he thought women did not give him the pleasure that he deserved. Although people claim that he is mentally ill, one cannot but help think about the root causes of such behavior, namely the prevalent thought that women are submissive to men and that they are seen as objects of pleasure. For centuries, women have had it bad and when talks about feminism and equal rights started, it was met with a lot of objection and raw hatred. The American society has long been patriarchal and still is largely so. There are also a lot of misconceptions about the whole feminist thought that fuels such hatred. Here are a few facts about feminism you may not have been aware of.

1. Feminist do not hate men. There is a school of thought that claims that feminists hate men and everything about them. Not true. Feminists just ask to be treated with the rights that they so lawfully and naturally deserve. It is just anger and sadness against the tilted social norms that favor men that they have.

2. Both men and women can be feminists. Gender has no role to play when it comes to the feminist cause. Feminists are people who genuinely believe that there has to be a change in how women are looked at and treated in the society. Any man who believes in equal rights can be a feminist too.

3. Another claim that people have against feminists is that they support the cause they want to eschew the traditional roles assigned to them, that of a wife and a mother. Or in case of the man, the role of the bread winning husband, which is not true. They do not ask for equal rights so they can roam free, they ask for equal rights because as human beings, everyone deserves to be treated the same way.

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