10 Fun Facts About Dogs

Fun Facts About Dogs

If you love your dog, then you must know some fun facts related to them. Yes, dogs have many funny stories related to them. Continue reading to know more.

1. Dogs are able to make different facial expressions like humans. It is their way to show different gestures.

2. Dogs have an extraordinary internal clock system. They know when it is time to play or eat. They will give you signals at the same time every day. They possess an excellent sense of timing.

3. Dogs generally clean their paws by licking them just like cats.

4. Dogs can be colorblind at times. However, this does not mean they cannot see colors at all. They are normally color blind to green and red color. They cannot see those two colors properly.

5. Dogs can smell ten thousand times better than humans do. So, before hiding anything from them, beware. Their sense of smell is excellent, especially with food.

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