How To Avoid Nail Polish Fiascoes?

How To Avoid Nail Polish Fiascoes?

Have you tried your hands at applying nail polish on your own? Has your experiment almost always ended up in a fiasco? Well, you may have applied it in the wrong manner. Here, you’ll get to read 5 simple steps which, if followed diligently, will help you apply your nail polish in the right way and avoid any disasters.

1. Use a nail polish remover to take off old polish

If your nails already have some polish left on them or if they’re chipped, you must remove all of it with the help of a nail polish remover. Even if there’s no polish on the nails, it’s best to apply a nail polish remover so as to remove any natural oils that may have settled on the nails. This will smoothen the surface, fostering easy application and long lasting color.

2. Roll the bottle before use

Before you begin with the application, roll the bottle of nail polish between your hands. This will mix the contents properly and avoid air bubbles, so that the polish spreads evenly on the nails. Once you unscrew the bottle, wipe off the excess polish that comes with the brush by rubbing the brush at the opening of the bottle. Use only as much nail polish as needed.

3. Apply the base coat

Apply a base coat on your nails so that the color settles and it becomes easy to apply polish later. Make sure you allow the base coat to dry fully. Otherwise, the later coats will get affected. Wait for 5 minutes before you apply a second coat.

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