8 Qualities of October Born People

8 Qualities of October Born People

Every month is different in its own way and brings with it new events, occurrences and sometimes new seasons. Similarly, the people born in different months can also be differentiated by their unique qualities and here are some for those born in October.

1. Romanticism

People with their birthdays in October are born lovers and are the Don Juan of their times. Needless to say, they are extremely attractive to the opposite sex and can win anyone over with their sweet talk.

2. Serenity

These people are peace loving by nature and prefer a calm and quiet surrounding. Their mild nature ensures that they have very few foes. They seldom raise their voice or lose their temper.

3. Optimism

An October born will never lose hope and will keep trying to the very end. Their optimism is infectious and hence they can be very good team leaders who can motivate others with their positive vision whenever the going gets tough.

4. Emotional Intelligence

Those born in October are at the zenith in terms of EQ. They are not only conscious of their own emotions but their empathy and social skills are also equally outstanding.

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