4 Reasons Why Angelina Jolie Got her Breasts Removed

Reasons Why Angelina Jolie Got her Breasts Removed

A lot of women die of breast and ovarian cancer every year and the numbers are just growing. Genetics play an important role in increasing the chances of a woman getting breast or ovarian cancers. Although there are other reasons for her getting the cancers, genetics takes the predominant role. When you know you have a genetic predisposition to getting one of these cancers and know there is a chance to cut down the risks, you would also do what Angelina Jolie did and go for a double mastectomy. It made news the world over when Angelina Jolie made her announcement of getting her breasts removed to reduce her risks of cancer. Many praised her and some belittled her for coming out in the open about it. Here are the reasons as to why she chose to get her breasts removed.

1. She had a mutated BRCA1 gene that increases the rate of breast cancer in women

The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes work in the body to keep DNA stable and to make sure cells don’t grow out of control, but there are mutations in these cells that also raise the risk of cancer to alarming levels. Angelina Jolie perhaps thought that prevention was better than cure and opted to have her breasts removed than go through the trauma of getting breast cancer and getting treated for it.

2. She lost her mother to ovarian cancer at the age of 56

Angelina Jolie lost her mother and another aunt to ovarian cancer. Her mother former actress Marceline Bertrand died at the age of 56 of ovarian cancer and Angelina Jolie did not want the same fate to befall her. She has also spoken out about how she did not want to break the news to her kids later on in her life that she has breast cancer.

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