5 Exercises Every Girl Should Do

Exercises Every Girl should Do

It is a physiological fact that men and women are not made the same way and it would not be too sexist to say that women tend to put on weight more easily in the wrong places than men. If you want to look fit and also healthy, there are some exercises that you definitely have to do. It is time you stopped being so dainty and took up some serious exercise. A gorgeous body does not come easy and unless you are blessed with amazing genes, you will have to sweat it out to get a body that you can flaunt. Exercise also makes you healthy and physically fit and helps you get things done better and faster. Here are some exercises every girl should do.

1. Push ups

Push ups are a definite must for every girl. Push ups helps build up the muscles in your upper body and also makes you stronger. It also helps you get rid of all the excess fat in your arms. It also shapes your shoulder so you can wear those off shoulder dresses with a lot of ease and comfort. Since your stomach muscles also get works a lot in the process, you will also find yourself with a strong and taut stomach.

2. Pull ups

You need to have a lot of strength and stamina to do this particular exercise and once you get the hang of it, you would have developed some serious strength and muscle density in your arms. Not only will your arms look great, but you will also have super strength to lift up your kids and defend yourself when the need arises.

3. Front squat

The front squat is a great exercise to work your lower body. In the front squat, your spine remains straight throughout so there is no question of stressing it. A squat also makes your thighs firmer and your hips a lot stronger. Work on it every day and soon you will have a lithe and athletic figure. You will also find out that you are able to walk and climb stairs more easily than before.

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