4 Benefits of Co-sleeping With Your Kids

Benefits of Co-sleeping With Your Kids

The popular media and countless number of books would have told you that the best way to raise your kids is to give them a room of their own as soon as possible. You are also encouraged to put your kids in another room as soon as they are born. It is said that this practice makes your kids independent and that it should also be the way of life. Not many people subscribe to this though. They believe in the benefits of co sleeping with their kids and have always had their reasons for doing so. Their reasons aren’t totally off their mark either. Recent studies have shown that co-sleeping with your kids has numerous benefits. The benefits are not only for the kid or the baby, but for the whole family. Do not listen to popular media on how you should raise your kids for here are some amazing benefits of co-sleeping with your kids.

1. Co-sleeping with your kids makes them more independent

Contrary to popular belief which would make you think that sleeping with your kids would make them dependent and clingy, co-sleeping with them actually makes them independent. Kids are also less likely to suffer from anxiety disorder and are also less attached to transient things as they develop as sense of security by sleeping with their parents. It is always good to make some space for them in your bed.

2. It helps you a lot when you are dealing with a new born

If you are breast feeding your kid, then the best way to be is to co-sleep with the baby. Not only will the baby get milk when it is hungry, but laying it close to you will also prevent a lot of stress for the baby and develop a deeper bond between you and your baby. You will also sleep well as you do not have to walk to the next room or to the crib every time to feed the baby.

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