Easy Tips To Take Care Of Oily Skin

Is Your Skin Oily? Try These Tested Methods To Take Care

I associate oily skin with blackheads, acne, and extra shiny patches. I have been through the horrors of it all. I asked my beautician “What is a woman with oily skin supposed to do?” After spending the last couple of years doing my homework, here are the best to take care of oily skin. Some are recommended by top beauty experts and have been tested over time. You may never have to worry about skin oil control again.

Cleansing + SPF moisturizer

This one is for you if you are pressed for time. It’s simple, easy, and takes only a few minutes. Step one is buying a good cleansing cloth. Not too gentle, not too rough. Wipe your skin with this cloth. I suggest you start with the forehead and work your way down. Once the whole face is cleansed, step 2 is to apply a moisturizer with sun protection. There are quite a few moisturizers with high SPF and oil control properties. This is a great way to remove those shiny patches and be safe from the sun.

Clay masks for oily skin

Yep, clay works wonders. There are many clay masks and face packs available in the market. I suggest that you try an organic clay mask and use it once a week, or every two weeks. Let me warn you, there are many varieties of clay out there. Some can be too much effective to leave your skin too dry. The only way to find out is to try a few and use the one that best suits your skin type.

Foundations with Zinc Oxide

Many foundations contain irritants like parabens, BHT, bismuth oxychloride, and other artificial fragrances. I reckon that you should stay away from these products. Many experts suggest the use of mineral based products for oily skin, especially ones with Zinc Oxide. They say it helps absorbs excess oils from the skin. I suggest that you pick light foundation in loose powder form. Why? One, because it will allow your skin to breathe better. Two, it will reduce shine and soak oil.

Powder Eye Shadow

If you have oily skin this one should be a no brainer. What is the most annoying thing about oily skin and eye makeup? It is the lines and the creases that form around the eye. This happens because of excess secretion of natural oil around the eyes. The use of liquid or cream based eye makeup makes it even worse! I have overcome this problem by gently dabbing a powder based foundation around the eye before applying any makeup. Pressed powder eye shadow works for me. What’s the point? Well the point is to stay away from liquids, creams or anything sticky if you don’t want lines and creases around the eye to harass you during the day.

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