Easy Remedies For Dry Skin

How To Take Care Of Your Dry Skin

Some skin trivia – Do you know why many of us have dry skin? Our skin produces natural oils – known as sebum. Inadequate production of sebum causes dry skin. In plain English – there is less moisture in the skin. Dry skin is itchy, flaky, and irritating. Let me take you through some of the best remedies for dry skin.

Use gentle cleansers to retain natural oils

I wash my face with a cleanser every day. It removes the dirt and grime from the skin pores. But did you know that it also strips the skin of all its natural oils? If you have dry skin problems – be warned! Every time you wash that pretty face, you are removing all the moisturizing elements from your skin. If you are thinking “should I stop my daily cleansing routine then?” No. A daily wash is very important to keep the skin clean and fresh. I suggest that you use a gentle cleanser. Avoid soaps and harsh abrasives. My tip – buy a cleanser which has moisturizer in it, or use a moisturizing soap. These will replenish the moisture in your skin.

Bath tips that can help you take care of dry skin

Honest confession – I love to sit back in the bathtub after a tough week. Are you thinking “What’s the big deal, we all do that?” Well I am a fanatic. I’ll take my book in, light a few candles and enjoy my bubbly bath for hours. I have found that adding oils to the bath makes a world of a difference. My favorite picks are Jojoba and Almond oil – usually a teaspoon or two after I’ve been in the bath for a few minutes. Two benefits – Your skin will soak in the moisture, and will not be entirely stripped of moisture when you dry yourself. Yeah so try and squeeze in a long bath or two in a week and kiss dry skin goodbye.

Drink more water

We had a well known celebrity stylist visit the office one day and he asked all of us “With a show of hands, how many of you drink water only when you’re thirsty?” All of us had our hands raised. “That’s your first sin!” – he said. Here’s the deal – you ‘feel’ thirsty when your body is already dehydrated. Why reach that level in the first place? Replenish your body fluids by gulping water or your favorite juice. Most experts recommend 7-8 glasses of water every day. More, if you are physically very active. This will keep your skin hydrated and attack the issue of dry skin from its roots. Heed this warning – don’t expect a bottle of water to save you from itchy dry skin. This is just one of the solutions. Read on.

Add moisturizer to your daily routine

That infamous ‘winter itch’ – Oh it’s so annoying! Let me warn you – if you have problems of dry skin – that itch is going to bother you throughout the year. Dry skin is very sensitive and needs special care. Step 1 – invest in a good moisturizer. Step 2 – Apply moisturizer on your legs, arms, shoulder, neck and face where dry skin affects you the most. Moisturizers leave the skin soft and supple. If you want to take my advice – apply moisturizer when the skin is slightly damp. After a shower or a bath is the best time. Instead of rubbing my skin dry with the towel, I tend to pat the itchy areas to leave them a bit damp. Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, etc is the stuff you want to look out for in your moisturizers. They will be rich and heavy – just the treatment your dry skin deserves.

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