8 Ways to Prevent Diabetes

8 Ways to Prevent Diabetes

A lot of people have diabetes nowadays and the fact is that the number of such people is increasing at an alarming rate. Some people say that genes are responsible for diabetes but the truth is that this condition can be prevented with the help of some precautions. Genes surely play a role in causing diabetes but they are not entirely responsible for the same. We all have busy lives and loads of work to do. Technology has made everything easier for us and we have stopped moving our body on a regular basis. Our bad food habits and lack of workout is also responsible for diabetes. You can save yourself and your kids from this medical problem by taking some important measures. Here are some easy and effective ways to prevent diabetes.

1. Don’t skip your breakfast

A lot of people think that skipping breakfast will help them stay away from diabetes and from becoming overweight. The fact is, people who have a light breakfast are 35 to 50 percent less likely to get diabetes than the breakfast skippers. Just avoid having too many carbohydrates and oily food in your breakfast.

2. Reduce the portion sizes

Keep your meat, poultry or fish portions equal to the size of a deck of cards only. Avoid fried meat. Go for roasted chicken, roasted fish, roasted turkey etc. Don’t snack while cooking in the kitchen or while cleaning the house.

3. Eat a lot of salad

You can make different types of salad every single day and have it before your main course. You can order salad even when you are having lunch or dinner in a restaurant. This will help you avoid oily and junk food.

4. Workout regularly

It is very important to work out regularly. You can join a dance class or swimming classes if you don’t find gym a pleasant place. The main aim is to move your body and make it lose calories. You can do this by dancing and swimming as well.

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