10 Easy Dishes to Make When You are on the Go

10 Easy Dishes to Make When You are on the Go

Food, as they say, is a way of life. A real foodie will understand the importance of good food for overall wellness. For that matter, considering the fact that we all lead very hectic lives, everyone should understand how crucial healthy meals are, for us. It is extremely essential to fulfill the body’s nutritional requirements, irrespective of how much time one has in hand to prepare meals. Luckily, it is not very difficult to make mouth-watering, nutritious dishes in less time. Enlisted below are some quick and easy-to-make recipes.

1. Ultimate Egg Sandwich

Sandwich is the easiest of all dishes to make, and is also a healthy food option that one can have almost every day. It will not take more than 20 minutes to make an egg sandwich. All you need is bread slices, fresh vegetables and boiled eggs along with some spread with a mayonnaise or cheese base. It is extremely simple to make, and is also quite filling. The best is to make a few sandwiches and pack them for your lunch or other odd food-craving hours. Sandwiches are quite convenient and easy to eat even when you are travelling.

2. Homemade Burger

If you are not in the mood to cook something elaborate, then making a burger is the ideal option. To make homemade burgers, you need buns and some vegetables with freshly plucked lettuce leaves. If you are in the mood to eat a light meal, you can have a vegetable burger, which is not very heavy on the stomach. However, if you are a meat freak, you just need to add a chicken patty or a slice of bacon, and you are ready to go!

3. South-western Omelet

If you do not have time for grocery shopping and you are pondering over what to cook for your next meal, then South-western Omelet is one of the quickest and easiest dishes to make. With some canned beans, chopped onions, herbs, eggs and cheese, you can prepare a lip-smacking dish that will earn you lots of brownie points from your family. You can serve it with toasted bread. It is exotic, healthy and tasty; what else can you ask for?

4. Toast And Grilled Cheese

The sound of toast and cheese itself can make you drool! This is very simple; take however many bread slices you want with lots of cheese slices. Place two cheese slices on each bread slice, and let it toast in the oven. The outcome will be a delicious and mouth-watering toast, with oozing grilled cheese. You can add oregano or herbs for extra flavour on top. Kids will enjoy this recipe the most, and the best part is that it hardly takes any time for preparation.

5. Ham and Egg Fried Rice

Even though Ham and Egg Fried Rice sounds quite elaborate, you can make this amazing dish in less than 20 minutes. Stir fry onions, garlic and beans in oil, along with rice, ham and egg in the end. Voila! Your dish is ready to be served. You can make this sumptuous dish, when you have a surprise guest visit. It tastes really delicious and looks tempting. You cannot miss this one for sure.

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