5 Habits That Make You Broke

5 Habits That Make You Broke

Are you a spendthrift? Do you love spending cash or use credit cards? Then it is time to think again. There are many bad habits that can make you broke. Figure this, too much of spending can make a hole in your pocket or make you broke. Listed below are some bad habits that make you broke.

1. Carrying too much cash

Carrying too much cash means there is a sense of extra. Many women simply indulge in shopping, when they have excess cash. There is no need to buy things, if there is cash; there is greed to buy. This bad habit can surely make you broke.

2. Going for window-shopping

Sure window-shopping does not have to anything with spending real cash. Still window-shopping means, there are many things on display. When there are things on display, there would be some greed to buy those. Therefore, automatically women shell out money and use credit card or cash. This bad habit can make you broke in long run, so beware.

3. Being an emotional shopper

Everyone has their share of sorrows and happiness. If one gets emotional and starts shopping, then this can make you broke. Many women shop because of this reason. Do not get emotional while shopping; this leads to high spending. This bad habit can make you broke.

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