5 Signs That You Play Hard-To-Get

Signs That You Play Hard-To-Get

There was a time when playing hard-to-get was the easiest way to grab someone’s attention. However, not anymore! While there is a difference in playing cautious and a little choosy from playing hard to get, understanding the difference and knowing where to draw the line is the tricky part. So how do you know if you are playing too hard-to-get and, knowingly or unknowingly, driving the guy away? The five signs given below might be of help. Read.

1.Teasing him about something he can’t get:

Teasing is fun, but only up to a limit. When you are not going to give him something, teasing him about it is just cruel. For example, if you are someone who wants to guard your virginity, then don’t send him semi-naked pictures of yourself teasing him for something he can’t get. Still if you do it once in a while, it might be okay. But if you make it a habit, he might just get sick of your jokes and start losing interest in you.

2. Taking forever to respond:

No you don’t necessarily have to jump towards your phone and reply to every text he sends within seconds. However, you most certainly do not have to sit back and calculate how much time he took to reply to your text and then accordingly decide how long you should take! It is okay if you take forever to respond to his calls or messages once in a while, if you are genuinely busy. However, making this a practice will only make him find you boring and eventually get disinterested in you.

3. Acting pricey all the time:

You don’t need to be always available, but that does not mean you make yourself perpetually unavailable too. When a guy is making an extra effort to talk to you and to spend time with you, and you treat him as if he is just another option in your life, it is nothing but rude! Rescheduling meetings all the time, appearing really busy at all occasions, acting as if he is the last thing on your list of priorities will only push him far away from you.

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