6 Disadvantages of a Gluten-Free Diet

6 Disadvantages of a Gluten-Free Diet

There is a whole lot going on about Gluten recently with bakeries, markets and restaurants advertising gluten free products. The whole gluten-free diet craze started in recent times after it was found that gluten found in whole grains causes celiac diseases. There is also the myth that gluten makes you fat, that makes people go for gluten free products. Gluten is the natural protein found in whole grains and it is the substance that makes the dough rise and gives it its shape. Although some people can be intolerant to gluten and fall sick, not all do and going completely gluten free can cause many problems. Here are some disadvantages of gluten free diet.

1. You risk losing out on a whole lot of nutrients because you want to avoid gluten

Some of the grains like wheat and rye that have gluten in them are nutritionally very good for you and going completely gluten free means you are losing out on the nutrients you get from these foods. These whole grains are also a rich source of fiber and not eating them could also cause problems in digestion.

2. Gluten free diet can actually make you fat

A gluten free food product usually is loaded with fat, calories and sugar. In going gluten free you can just end up putting on a lot of weight. Do not go for gluten free products, but look for other healthier alternatives to food with gluten in them.

3. You lose out heavily on Vitamin B when you go on a gluten free diet

Vitamin B is found in whole grains and when you stay off them you risk losing out on Vitamin B. vitamin B is important for your body as it B vitamins are important for Producing red blood cells, maintaining your immune and nervous systems, regulating your metabolism and Governing hair and nail growth.

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