8 Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

8 Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes not only taste good but are rich in nutrients and vitamins. Sweet potato is also known as Yam. Though, it is not used in traditional recipes, still it’s famous for its unique taste. Here are some health benefits of sweet potatoes you must know about.

1. It is good for digestion

As sweet potato is high in fiber content, it is good for digestion problems. It is also rich in magnesium, which helps to improve the immunity of the body. Sweet potato is good for constipation problem. It helps to increase the normal bowel movements to prevent chronic constipation.

2. It helps to relieve breathing disorders

A compound found in sweet potato helps to provide relief from breathing disorders. It helps to regularize the normal breathing pattern. It prevents the problem of nasal and chest congestion. Sweet potatoes also provide respite from the problem of asthma and other lung infections in the body.

3. It eases joint pains

As sweet potato is rich in calcium and magnesium, it provides effective relief from inflammation of joint pains. As it is rich in beta carotene, its alleviates the problem of arthritis in women. Boil some sweet potato with water and let it cool. Now, apply this concoction on the affected area of joint pains for soothing relief. It will ease the pain to an extent.

4. It helps in diabetes

Many women believe that sweet potatoes are not good for diabetes. But, this is not true. Sweet potatoes actually help to regulate the normal blood sugar level of the body. As sweet potato being good in source of beta carotene, it helps to manage the insulin function of the body. Having said that, it should be taken moderately in the diet plan!

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