10 Overused Words Which You Must Avoid Using

10 Overused Words Which You Must Avoid Using

There are a plenty of things women overdo but probably there is nothing like the words listed below which seem to have been customized for the modern woman’s vocabulary. It is strange how often women use these words whether or not the context is appropriate. Such overused words are


How often have you heard yourself saying, “But I love you, no?” Some believe that it is women’s special way to get things done! Before and after every sentence you say to your husband or boyfriend, do you insert “I love you”? Do you use the word “love” when you do not have an appropriate or logical response to a query made or when you are actually to blame?


Oh, yes, and frankly, “frankly” is used irrespective of whether or not you are being frank! Just to end an argument or to give a final verdict, women have a tendency to add “frankly” before the statement and then, all argument comes to halt! Because you were being frank, no? And you “love” him!


Women call anybody who makes a statement with double meaning “pervert”! The person might not have meant anything at all, and may already have said “sorry” a million times, but then they will not resist calling him “pervert” for the rest of their life! Anybody who comes across as a nonconformist is actually a “pervert”!


Suppose you do not have a logical excuse or argument to make and at the same time you do not like a certain situation or person, how do you move on? Easy; say, “Bullshit!” Turn your face and walk away! Women love to scream “bullshit” in between arguments! It is indeed a common observation!

5. WOW!

If you really like something, we guarantee you that at least a hundred times in your lifetime you have cried out “Wow!”. And then eventually, you got into the habit of saying “Wow!”, even when you did not like something but anyway said it, just to please another person or in order to avoid embarrassment!

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