Debunk These 5 Crazy Myths About Hair Care

Debunk These 5 Crazy Myths About Hair Care

Are you sick of people giving you all sorts of advice about hair care? It’s confusing to decide what to follow and what not to, right? Don’t worry. We’re here to clear all your confusion by debunking these 5 crazy hair care myths.

Myth #1: Only daily washes keep hair clean

We have seen women washing their hair everyday with the hope that their tresses will become sparkling clean. But that’s not how it works. Excessive washing will take away all the oil that your follicles produce. Thrice a week is fine, but there’s no need to wash hair daily.

Myth #2: Shampoos with fruits and berries will give you beautiful hair

Do you really believe what ad commercials are telling you? Don’t do that mistake. You’ve got to depend on real fruits and veggies for your mineral intake and not on your shampoo. Whatever claims your shampoo makes, it only has essences, fragrances and certain vitamins. But it will never give you what real fruit can.

Myth #3: Keep brushing for longer hair

Have you been brushing your hair like crazy just because someone told you it was going to make your hair look longer? That’s insane. Stop doing that ladies, otherwise you will start losing hair! There’s absolutely no connection between the two.

Myth #4: Frequent trimming will make your hair grow faster

Did you know that hair grows in length bit by bit, according to individual metabolism and not because of trimming? If you’re spending your money rushing to the salon each month for a trim, then you can quit doing that.

Myth #5: Using ice cold water will make your hair shinier

This is seriously the most ridiculous myth we have ever heard of. Having a cold water hair bath might refresh you and get you rid of your fatigue, but it has nothing to do with how dull or shiny your hair is. The secret of shiny hair is having a great diet and conditioning your hair regularly.

Are you now feeling better after having debunked useless myths about hair care? Channel your hair care energies in the right direction instead of believing hearsay.

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