5 Beauty Benefits of Tea Tree Oil


Tea Tree Oil was first used in Australia long time back, to cure cuts and wounds. However, soon, people found out that it has various other uses as well, some of which fall in the ‘beauty’ category. This is the reason why tea tree extracts are these days found in a lot of face washes, scrubs and other beauty products. If you are wondering what exactly are the beauty benefits of tea tree oil, Read below some beauty benefits of Tea Tree oil, and you will surely be tempted to try it.

1. It reduces acne

Tea Tree extracts fight the acne producing bacteria, and also reduce the skin’s sebum production, thereby making the skin less oily and prone to acne. This is a great natural remedy, as one doesn’t experience side effects of skin peeling and redness. For more benefit, you can make a facemask with tea tree oil and aloe vera for pimple-prone skin, as both of these extracts help in reducing oiliness and curing acne.

2. It hydrates the skin

For those having dry skin, massage and application of Tea Tree oil helps to hydrate and moisturize their skin. It leaves the skin soft and supple, and also adds glow to it. Some people like to mix it with jojoba oil or olive oil for more effect.

3. It prevents hair fall

Regular massaging of the hair and scalp with tea tree oil helps to restore all the nutrition and nourishment, thereby improving hair health and reducing hair fall. Having a tea tree shampoo is even more beneficial. Some people like to make a hair and scalp mask by mixing tea tree oil, beaten egg, yoghurt and honey. You can apply this mask once a week for about half an hour before head wash, and you will definitely see a difference in the texture and strength of your hair.

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