Common Mistakes Women Make In Relationships

Common Mistakes Women Make In Relationships

A romantic relationship is the most precious gift to mankind. Hence, it is important to nurture a relationship in the right way. Many a times, women assume that men think and feel the same way as they do. This results in tiffs and breakups. In order to prevent such debacles, it is important to understand that men are different from women. There are some common mistakes which women commit in a relationship. It’s easy to avoid them and pave the way for a successful relationship. Read about these mistakes and avoid them in your personal life.

1. Being over possessive

Jealousy, absence of trust, controlling behavior, spying on the partner, asking him too many questions, checking his call log, messages and emails are all signs of over possessiveness. Such a behavior only serves to hurt the man and reduces his trust and love for his lady. Of course, it’s wrong to trust anyone blindly, but when in a relationship, it’s best to give some space to the partner.

2. Trying to change the man

Women often fall in love with a man only when they think his nature, his behavior, his attitude is right. As soon as they get into a serious relationship, they attempt to change the man. This serves as a serious blow to a man’s self-esteem. It leads to frustration, low self-esteem and an eventual breakdown of the relationship. Many a times, women forget to take into account the fact that they chose their man because they found them perfect. If they think their man is imperfect and wish to change him, it simply means their choice is imperfect, right?

3. Taking the man for granted

Doesn’t matter if the two have been dating for four months or four years, after some time passes, women tend to take their men for granted. They forget to do special things to keep the spark in the relationship alive. Gestures like preparing the partner’s favorite dish once in a while, trying something new on bed, getting gifts for the man, surprising him are some ways to keep the flame glowing. But this is totally forgotten and eventually the relationship heads towards a catastrophe.

4. Taking things too fast

Every relationship is a process of understanding each other and uncovering the possibilities in togetherness step by step. It is important to take slow steps. But, women tend to ignore this and rush to the next step in a hurry. Even before the man feels comfortable enough to take his partner to meet his parents, the lady invites herself for a dinner at her man’s place. This makes the man feel scary, clueless and furious. Such tiny things add fuel to the fire.

5. Talking too much

Men generally prefer actions to words. It is true that some amount of communication is vital for a relationship. But, it does not mean they’d tolerate someone who keeps on talking endlessly. This is the most common mistake that women commit. They just keep on talking for hours telling their man the latest gossip. It makes him feel like going out and buying himself a pair of earplugs! Communication must be from both the ends and must be balanced. If there is a loss of communication or miscommunication, it’s sign of a danger.

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