15 Ways to Make Him Stay in Love

15 Ways to Make Him Stay in Love

Falling in love is easy; staying in love isn’t. Over the time, your boyfriend/husband may fall out of love with you. But with these 15 ways you can make him stay in love:

1. Avoid nagging

There might be many things that you find annoying about him but try not to nag and pester.

2. Trust him

Being too suspicious all the time will spell doom for your relationship. Take a leap of faith and trust him.

3. Make him feel special

Make him feel special by remembering little details about him. For example, buy his favorite perfume for him or take him to his favorite restaurant or cook his favorite food.

4. Give him space

Men appreciate women who can respect their privacy and give them some space.

5. Don’t criticize his best friends

You might not like them, but they are his best friends. Don’t criticize them too harshly.

6. Avoid chanting ‘I told you so’

You might be right about some things, but making him realize that every now won’t help you.

7. Let him have his boys’ night out every week

Let’s face it – every guy needs his boys’ night out at least once a week. Make peace with it and let him go. He would love you for it.

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