10 Signs Your Ex Still Likes You

Does Your Ex Still Like You?

Breakups surely aren’t easy. People often go through psychological trauma post a breakup. Are you one of them? Are you still not over your ex and are hoping it’s the same case with him? Or are you plain curious to know if he is over you or not. Find out if your ex is showing some of the signs enlisted below. If he does, it means your ex still likes you.

1. Does he accidentally bump into you frequently?

Does it often happen that no matter where you go, he seems to ‘coincidentally’ land up there? It is quiet possible that he is arranging it on purpose. He may be doing this because he is missing you.

2. Did he start dating someone else immediately?

After a breakup, people often seek solace in their friends and family. They generally avoid getting into a relationship immediately. If your ex has started seeing someone else soon after your breakup, it is quiet possible that he is doing this only to make you jealous. Or he may also be trying to divert his mind because he is not able to forget you.

3. Does he call you up for no particular reason?

After breaking up people try their best to stay away from each other. If he is genuinely trying to get over you, he will break all possible contact with you. If he often makes silly excuses to contact you, something is surely fishy.

4. Does he look depressed or over dressed?

Notice the way he dresses up, the way he behaves around his friends. After a breakup, there can only be two possibilities. Either the person starts looking very happy if he is really happy with the breakup, or he looks depressed and frustrated. Sometimes, he may also tend to dress in an unusual way or overdress at times. This is a sign that he is trying to make himself happy or is trying to get your attention by overdressing.

5. Does he still keep the gifts given to him by you?

When couples split up and want to get over each other, they get rid of everything that reminds them of their ex. However if your ex religiously keeps all the stuff given to him by you, maybe he just don’t want to get over you.

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