Are You Over Your Ex?

Are You Over Your Ex?

Breakups are always painful. You must have gone through a lot. Getting over your past is the toughest part of a post-breakup period. Only after you are over your ex, should you get into a new relationship. Otherwise, it is possible that you may have a rebound. So are you finally over your ex? Here are some tips to find out the truth.

There is no trace of awkwardness

When someone talks about him, it doesn’t make any difference to you. Even if you meet him, there is no awkwardness from your end. You find yourself at ease and you don’t get nervous or excited. It is as if his existence doesn’t make a difference to you.

You don’t hope to get him back

You stop imagining or hoping that the two of you will ever get back together. When you get a new mail in your inbox, you don’t hope that it is from him. It doesn’t bother you, the way it used to before.

A romantic song doesn’t remind you of him

When you hear a love song, it doesn’t remind you of him anymore. You either don’t think of anyone or you start thinking about somebody else whom you have recently met or find cute.

You are comfortable with him seeing someone else

Even if you come to know that he is dating someone, it doesn’t make you think about it all day. In fact, you don’t even think about it for more than a few minutes.

You’ve started feeling attracted towards someone else

You have started noticing new people. You feel this huge crush on somebody that feels so strong, that you don’t even remember how it used to be with your ex.

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