20 Funny First Date Questions

20 Funny Questions To Ask On A First Date

Your first date is something you will remember all your life and so you may want it to be special. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ask funny questions and see your date surprised or even flabbergasted? Sounds interesting? Then read this set of funny questions that you could ask on the first date and try them at least once.

1. What is the nastiest trick you played on a friend?

This one can get you astonishing answers if the guy is of the mischievous type. It will also make you realize what tricks he can pull of.

2. What was your most embarrassing moment?

You will surely be in splits after hearing the answer of this question as no one has had a perfectly sober, embarrassing moment.

3. Did you ever pick your nose in public?

If he answers yes to this, apart from laughing or making a face, you might become aware of some of his habits. Prod him on if he denies it and if still you get the same response, he is saying the truth.

4. How many girlfriends have you had in the past?

Ok. This can be funny or not so funny if the guy is not comfortable with telling you the real number of his past girlfriends. But otherwise, he will be a sport in answering this one.

5. How will you deal if someone punches you in the face in front of your girlfriend?

He might be surprised by this one, but will try to answer it in a ‘macho’ way.

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