6 Natural Exfoliators for Winter

6 Natural Exfoliators for Winter

When it is winter some people see more flakes on their skin and scalp than the real snowflakes outside. Flaky skin is a problem that a lot of people face and this is caused when the skin becomes too dry. Exfoliating reduces the dryness in skin and also removes all the dead cells. When dead cells are removed and the skin is scrubbed well, it starts to look and feel healthy. It is especially very important in winter to exfoliate and scrub well. Natural exfoliators are always the best option. Here are some natural exfoliators for winter.

1. Apricot

Apricot is not only a great exfoliating agent but also acts as a wonderful scrub. You can make a paste of apricots, keep it coarse and use it on your face or you can buy a scrub that has apricots. The scrubs that are sold in the market are filled with scrubbing beads that help clean up your skin much better.

2. Seaweed salt exfoliator

Another natural exfoliator that is good for your skin in the winter months. Seaweed salt exfoliators are rich in minerals. The scrub is truly great and reaches deep down to your pores to remove impurities. They come with extra scrubbing power since the salts are granular. In the end, they end up fortifying your skin against the winter onslaught.

3. Lavender scrub

Lavenders have enzymes that are soft on the skin and also work on all kinds of skin, especially sensitive skin. It does not matter if you have an acne prone skin or have pimples; lavender scrub works well as an exfoliating agent without causing you any pain.

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