6 Signs You are Dating a Male Chauvinist

6 Signs You are Dating a Male Chauvinist

Dating is a tough game to play and more so if the one you are dating considers their sex to be nothing less than a boon on the whole of mankind. It is insufferable to be with a male chauvinist and sooner or later, any woman would get fed up of such a guy. Unfortunately for ladies, there are quite a few of them out there and you should be wary of these signs if you do spot them in your man.

1. He doesn’t consider your work as important as his

He would care two hoots about your work but when it comes to his work, everything should be taken seriously. So he won’t consider your work timings before making plans but would expect you to remember his lunch break and call him only in that particular time frame.

2. He expects you to change for him but not do as much efforts

A male chauvinist would expect his woman to do more adjustments and sacrifices for the relationship’s sake but not to put in the same or nearly the same efforts. He would expect you to be there for him always, serve him and literally mother him but not do as much work to make you feel special.

3. He classifies work as women’s work and men’s work

He has set ways of working in his mind and he would expect his woman to do womanly work like cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids and such other household related duties. He wouldn’t help out in these things as he considers his work to be only that of so called manly activities like working outside the home and helping around at home only with the mechanical and electrical stuff.

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