8 Tips to Stick to Your New Year Resolutions

Tips to Stick to Your New Year Resolutions

New Year has begun, and you have made certain commitments to yourself; they might be either mundane or very crucial but you can successfully accomplish them only if you take them seriously and follow up on it. Here are 8 tips to stick to your New Year’s resolutions.

1. Set realistic goals

Just because everyone is making a resolutions, you don’t have to feel pressurized for doing the same. See what you need to achieve in this year. If you want to quit smoking, it’s possible, but not if you want to go to Europe in every 6 months! These are resolutions not wish list. Keep them more realistic in terms of what you need.

2. Seek support of your friends and family

No one can support you better than your friends and family. Tell them that you have made certain resolutions, and if they see you steering away from the goal, they should remind you and positively motivate you to achieve them.

3. Quantity does not matter!

You don’t have to make 10 resolutions, you can just make 2; something which is more pressing and important for your peace of mind. Prioritize and execute them. In case of resolutions, more is not merrier. It’s just painstaking.

4. Don’t be vague

Set very clear targets. If you want to quit smoking, don’t just say you’ll stop immediately, because it cannot happen overnight. Remind yourself that you will cut down on smoking one cigarette at a time.

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