8 Benefits of Almonds for Hair Growth

Benefits of Almonds for Hair Growth

Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on hair care products and treatments every year? As you spend a lot of time assessing which product does well for your hair type, you do not realize the importance of a simple ingredient in your kitchen that can mean wonders for healthy hair. Here are super benefits of almonds for hair growth.

1. It helps to prevent hair loss

Almonds provide 25 percent of recommended daily allowance of magnesium for your body. Hair loss is often connected to deficiency of magnesium. Additionally, a quarter cup serving of almonds provides 45 percent suggested daily allowance of magnesium and vitamin E, both of which promote healthy growth of hair and skin.

2. It nourishes your scalp

Even a few drops of almond essential oil has large amounts of vitamin D and E. When you massage the oil onto your scalp, it nourishes your scalp and hair cuticles to promote healthy growth of hair. Massage at least once a week for stronger, healthier and shinier hair.

3. It prevents hair loss and frizz

Dry hair tends to split, break and go frizzy. Loss of hair and other hair problems can be extremely debilitating. This is where almonds come as a savior. Almonds are filled with multiple nutrients of which Vitamin B is an important component. This vitamin helps in preventing hair fall, frizz and split ends, thus promoting better quality of hair.

4. It helps to repair hair damage

Almonds are filled with protein. Proteins help to repair damage and facilitate growth process. When you take almonds or apply almond oil or milk, you are nourishing your hair since the nuts make a great conditioner.

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