4 Ways to Reduce Your Addiction To Your Smartphone

4 Ways to Reduce Your Addiction To Your Smartphone

Smart phones have become so ubiquitous that you cannot imagine a life without them and it also becomes difficult to find a phone that is not a Smartphone. A Smartphone lets you stay connected all day through your social network apps or the internet forums and pages. It also comes loaded with games that take up a lot of your time. There are also a lot of times that your Smartphone is much more interesting than actual people and you would rather play with it than have a real one on one conversation with people. It is the addictive nature of Smart phones that keep you hooked on them and here are some ways to reduce your addiction to Smart phones.

1. Switch off your phone for at least a few hours every day

If you cannot do it during the day, try switching off your phone when you are sleeping in the night. Research has suggested that Smartphone can give you a disturbed sleep because your head is filled with what’s happening in the online world. You may get panic attacks about the mails you may miss seeing or the messages you might not get when the phone is switched off but you will realize that it gets better after a few days and you will feel less addicted to it.

2. Get rid of all the addictive apps on your phone

One reason your Smart phone becomes addictive is because of the apps in it. It may be a game app that takes a lot of your hours without you even knowing about it or news feeds that constantly make you read stuff from around the world. It can even be a photo sharing app that makes you constantly upload photos and also browse other people’s pictures. Have only the most important apps and get rid of the rest to lessen your addiction to smart phones.

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