5 Tips to Avoid Getting Sextorted

5 Tips to Avoid Getting Sextorted

Sextortion has become quite common these days, especially in the professional setup where people in higher positions take advantage of or abuse their power. In day-to-day life too, social media also puts one in a more powerful position to exploit another person and seek sexual favors from him/ her. As women, it is natural for most of us to feel scared about such things, especially when we know that we are viewed as the ‘vulnerable’ ones when it comes to sextortion. However, there are some ways in which we can smartly avoid getting trapped in such situations.

1. Be careful

We must be careful about not putting up any explicit pictures or videos of ourselves on public forums or social media websites, which may be accessed by many people. You never know which high school enemy or colleague or ex-boyfriend is looking to use these things to their advantage. Putting up information on our profiles on such sites is in our hands, and we must be careful that no one misuses it. At the same time, we should be prudent when it comes to devices that use video recording: remember to turn off your webcam when you aren’t using it.

2. Be smart

If someone is forcefully trying to seek sexual favors from you at work, you must play it smart. Try to record an instance as evidence. Seek help from colleagues and friends, if need be, even if it means that they might have to hide in the office after hours. Secret cameras or phone recordings might also do the trick. But be beware when seeking help from a colleague, lest your plan backfires and it turns out that the colleague is on the sextortion.

3. Be safe

You yourself should avoid sticky situations. For instance, avoid mingling with too many people at work on a personal level, so that your private life is kept away from your professional life. Don’t drop any wrong hints, and avoid situations where people around you can get flirtatious. Sexting (sexually explicit or erotic/ naughty messaging) and naughty web or video chats are a big no-no. If someone is using sextortion when it’s time for an appraisal, either provide evidence to support your case in front of senior authorities, or leave the workplace before things get worse.

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