6 Tips to Make a Guy Crazy for You

6 Tips to Make a Guy Crazy for You

Falling in love is spontaneous. But attraction is an art in itself. Knowing how to make a guy crazy for you, could be your first step to securing that spontaneous love you have always longed for. So be informed, know what makes your dream man tick. Here are some useful tips:

1. Dress well to attract the man

You don’t want to go overboard by wearing designer clothes, but dress tastefully to attract your crush. Remember, your clothes speak volumes about your personality. How you carry them is a sure way to tell if you have a mind of your own. Wear something you feel beautiful and comfortable in. An easy way to tell if you’ve dressed well is simple. Does it compliment your best features? Show a little leg if they look great, or maybe a hint of cleavage. However, never ever overdo. You want to give your crush food for imagination, but not the idea that you are easy.
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2. Smell good to make him go weak in the knees

Guys like a pretty face, or a great bod, but Body odor is a sure downer. Use a fresh smelling deodorant or a sensuous perfume. Rub or spray a little behind your earlobe, and wrists, the nape of your neck. In short, any place that might be kissed or smelled when you are by his side. By the way, don’t forget to wash your hair. Guys go nuts over fresh smelling hair.

3. Be confident

Being confident is almost always a sure way to rouse a man’s interest. Though men don’t mind being a knight in the shining armor once in a while, rarely do they fancy a girl in distress, in the long run.
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