10 Ways to Look Good in Photos

10 Ways to Look Good in Photos

Social networking sites have definitely changed the perception towards photos. Were you conscious of your looks before clicking a photo as you are now? The simple reason behind this is, you want to look good in all the photos and share those photos with friends and family. Listed below are some ways to look good in photos.

1. Wear the right clothes

Choose the correct color combination before clicking a photo. Avoid colors, which are too light or flashy. Always choose dark colors or colors which match the normal skin tone. Do not choose clothes with bold prints. Also, choose clothes which fit well, because that matters the most.

2. Choose an appropriate hairstyle

Hairstyle does play an important part in photos. A loose pony can make you look dull, where as a tight pony can make you look smart. The difference lies in the choice of hairstyle. On a long face, bangs look good, whereas on a small face, a tied pony suits perfectly well.

3. Pay heed to features

Enhance your features to look good in photos. Use makeup tricks for enhancing the features like big nose or thin lips. This will really make a difference in your photos.

4. Conceal blemishes

Before clicking a photo, simply conceal blemishes and marks on the face. Blemishes can spoil the beauty of the face to make the face look dull. Use a good concealer for this purpose.

5. Practice a perfect smile

Nothing works more than a great smile. Everyone looks good while smiling. Before clicking a photo, practice smiling in the mirror. You never know, anyone can fall in love with your smile!

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