Top 3 Healthy Meals For Kids Lunches

Top 3 Healthy Meals For Kids Lunches

Life is fast now and to keep pace with it, we are opting for solutions that are as quick as or even quicker than our lives. In this rush of our day to day lives, our bodies are suffering due to lack of nutrition. We have switched to fast foods and unwholesome snacking to cope up with the speed of our lives. However, now, many of us have realized that fast foods are really not an option. They are fast but they are highly unhealthy. Preservatives and chemicals present in such foods harm our bodies and degenerate our brains. These effects are tripled when it comes to our kids. It is absolutely necessary thus that we teach our children to eat better and know the difference between quality, quantity and efficiency. Hence, we are here to help you put an end to your child’s bad eating habits. Check out the top 3 healthy meals that you must pack for your kids to have during lunch.

1. Soups

Soups are considered to be very healthy meals and they are also quite easy to make. Whether your kids love chicken soup or vegetable soup, you can prepare the same, pack it in their lunchbox and give it to them. You will just need to boil together whole chicken, chicken stock, ginger and onions for the chicken soup. For the vegetable soup, you can use lentils and peas and other vegetables in place of chicken.

2. Salads

These are extremely easy to make, good to taste and very healthy. Just put in a few of your favorite vegetables and some chicken pieces with a little of vinegar and olive oil and some cheese scraps and toss them together. Add a little salt to taste and it’s ready to be packed for your kids’ lunch.

3. Sandwiches

Not all breads are good but you can choose wisely for your kid. Get some whole wheat bread and a few toppings of your child’s choice. You can add a sachet of sauce and mustard with the sandwich. You can even give kids the ingredients for the sandwich and ask them to prepare their own lunch at school.

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