7 Thanksgiving Decorations

7 Thanksgiving Decorations

Decorating your home, especially the dining area, the living room, porch and the table can be great fun during thanksgiving. There is no dearth of ideas when it comes to decorating the table. The best part about decorating for Thanksgiving is that, if you keep the colors in white, red or green, you can easily keep them on for Christmas too. Another easy way to decorate is to carve your food on the table onto delicious looking stuff. You can make food look great and also taste great. Here are a few tips as to how to make this Thanksgiving all decorative in easy simple ways.

1. Cone cornucopias

All you need is a bag of ice cream cones. Twist the narrow end of the cone with a pencil or a roller after you have dipped it in water. The water makes the cone go soft so it is easy to shape it. Now fill the cone with goodies and wrap it with a cellophane sheet. Your cone cornucopias are ready to be served or gifted. You can also eat them yourself as they look and taste yummy, or place them at appropriate places for decorations.

2. Fruits and cloves

You can use a fruit of your choice, but pears and apples make a good choice for this decoration for their colors and textures. Take some cloves and push them into the pear or the apple. You can either make the cloves into the shape of thanks or anything else you want it to be. It is as simple as sticking your pins onto a board. These can be placed on a tray under a light to create a stunning effect. It also makes for a great piece on the dining table as it is also completely edible.

3. Thanksgiving Fortune Cookies

You don’t really have to sit and bake them. Since it is a decoration, all you need is some good paper and some glue. Roll the paper to look like the fortune cookie, place your choice of saying inside it and glue them together. It not only makes for a great decoration, but also can be used in the games you play for Thanksgiving and can be given away as gifts or party favors.

4. Foliage and rosemary as placeholders

Fall foliage makes for a great placeholder. Gather some complete leaves that have fallen off the trees, clean them up a bit and write the names of the guests on it to place them on the table or the plate. They are completely natural and look great on the silverware. You can also make cute little wreaths with rosemary and pin it with a paper with the names of the guests. These are simple but great ideas to decorate for this Thanksgiving.

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