24 Things You should Learn to Do Before You Die

Things You should Learn to Do Before You Die

We all are blessed with a wonderful life but we also have just the one life. It can be short or long, happy, memorable or sad depending on what we do with it and how we go about living it. You cannot cram everything you want to do into your life and also cannot be sad because you were not able to do a lot of things. Try to do as many things you can with your life and try to be happy doing those things. Here are some things that you must absolutely learn to do before you die.

1. Learn to be happy

Happiness does not always happen to everyone. Unless you choose to be happy, no amount of external things and influences can make you happy. Learn to be happy, that’s something very important all of us need to do.

2. Learn to be content

Being content sometimes is the key to happiness. You cannot always keep running after thing in your life. Sometimes you can be really happy when you are happy and content with what you have.

3. Learn to be nice to people

If you want to be treated nicely, you should also learn and find out what it takes to be nice to people. You only reap what you sow.

4. Learn to listen

There is a lot of difference between hearing and listening. Listen to talk. People will appreciate you more when they know you are actually listening to them.

5. Learn to appreciate

Appreciate even the small things that you have in life. Appreciate people and their gesture towards you.

6. Learn to be thankful

You need to learn how to thank people and also be thankful for the things that you are blessed with. Not everyone gets to enjoy the comforts that you take for granted.

7. Learn not to be proud and arrogant

You should also learn not to be proud and arrogant. Pride and arrogance does not take you anywhere and will only put you off people.

8. Learn how to cook

You will not only learn how to feed yourself in a cost effective manner but can also impress a lot of people when you learn to cook and cook well.

9. Learn how to give

Whether you like receiving or not, it is always important to learn how to give. Give what people want and not what you think they want.

10. Learn how to give compliments

You can make someone’s day by complimenting them on the work they have done or on their looks. Never be stingy with your compliments

11. Learn how to take compliments

Just as it is important to give compliments, it also is important to take compliments. Do not be awkward when people compliment you.

12. Learn how to tell a joke

Instead of telling yourself and other people that you lack a sense of humor, start learning how to tell jokes. It doesn’t matter if you are not funny. You at least gave it a shot.

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